Our Sacred Connections

About Us

In our home is a healing sanctuary filled with marvelous crystals and stones that Sandy had gathered since 2001. Bob loved that room and also became enthralled with the magic and beauty of the stones. He saw the effects the stones had on anyone who entered the crystal room and realized that we should work together to bring these stones to others. So while we also have “day jobs”, our fun adventure is taking our crystals and stones around to various metaphysical and gem shows to give everyone the opportunity to purchase them and create a healing sanctuary of their own.  

Bob and Sandy are partners for life. We met “coincidentally” at a chili party. While waiting to taste the various yummy chilies, Sandy noticed Bob studiously tasting and judging to propose a “winning chili”. Later, as Bob walked by Sandy she merely asked him “So, how do you become a chili judge?” Little did she know she was meeting the love of her life. Also, she did not know that Bob had already “seen” Sandy (and HER aura) earlier that evening walking through the other guests...Sandy was lit up like she was under a spotlight. Already their “oneness” was being created. This picture is of Bob proposing to Sandy on top of Mt. Pilatus in Switzerland, in July 2008.