Our Sacred Connections

Sandy is a continuing student at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment. Ramtha’s teachings address the fundamental questions about human existence and the human person, our destiny and origins, good and evil, the soul, death and life, the world, our relationship to others, and the nature of space, time, and the fabric of reality. 

Finally, Sandy is a teacher of the Master Key by Charles Hannel. In the early 1900’s, Charles wrote 26 lessons meant to guide his students to understand, realize, and harness the power of their thoughts to manifest their life dream. This is a powerful course – it was required learning for executives of Bill Gates of Microsoft. 

Our library at home is filled to the brim with metaphysical and scientific readings from the Ancients and other mystics. Bob has created links to all of our wonderful teachers’ websites so you can also read and learn from them. Go to our “Links” page to visit all of them. 

Our Learning

Bob and Sandy are “Oneness Blessing Givers.” We freely give the Oneness Blessing to anyone upon their request. The Oneness Blessing comes from Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma, the husband and wife from India who discovered the Oneness Blessing and have devoted their lives to enlightenment.

We are trained in Silva Meditation by the wonderful Father Justin Belitz at the Hermitage. Justin has taught us, and many throughout the world, the centering power of our minds to visualize and create our life. 

Both Sandy and Bob are students of Naisha Ahsian, co-author of The Book of Stones, and owner of the Crystalis Institute. Learning from Naisha the “physics” of the stones and why, scientifically, they interact with our

physical, emotional, and mental body. She proves that working with the stones is not “woo woo, airy fairy stuff”!

Further, Sandy is a Reiki Master (thank you, Maria, my angel), and have also been trained as a Medicine Wheel Practitioner by her dear friend Dr. Bluehawks Stec. Bluehawks has further initiated Sandy in the Egyptian Reiki Tradition. 

Also, Sandy have spent three years studying with Carolyn Myss about the Sacred Contracts we make before we are born. She has taught Sandy the language of the Archetypes, the most powerful language that we all unknowingly use daily. Sandy can now see and use it intentionally to assist others in creating the life they love.