Become the ONE!

We are all connected to life force. Our thoughts, words, and deeds are our manifestations of the life force that we create and attract to ourselves. It could be positive or negative, depending on what we think, say, or do. Remember, Life Force mirrors to us our most inner thoughts. In life, indeed, there is only one thing we truly control: our thoughts!!!

A lady once asked me how to attract the man of her dreams. I asked her if she had “her list”. Of course, she knew immediately that I meant the list of all the attributes of that man of her dreams. Then I said to her, "Be the list yourself”  


To Find the One, You must become the One”™

Our Sacred Connections

Have you ever thought, “What’s life about? Why am I here? How can I meet my soul mate?” 

I was searching for a “centering life phrase”, writing in my computer to develop it. I would work late into the night, and while I had several phrases noted, none of them really struck the cord. One night I opened the document where I had saved all my “thought pieces” only to find it erased. I sat there dumbfounded, knowing that I had saved the file.

In that moment, a voice came into my head and said, “To find the One, You must become the One!” That was it!!! The Divine Inspiration that I had been seeking. I realized that this one phrase gave me a roadmap for the answers to my questions. It all starts with me.